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All About How An Investigator Can Solve Your Mystery

Rix Investigators owner Rick Roy is a trained private investigator with years of experience working with clients throughout Arizona. With the latest tools and gadgets at his side, Roy is an expert researcher who offers customized private investigations to help solve all types of mysteries. In this series of articles, he offers insight into how you can begin an investigation yourself and what a P.I. could bring to table, as well.

How to Ensure Your Home Isn't Being Bugged

The best way to tell if a home has been bugged is to look for anything out of the ordinary, such as new clocks that have been set on bookshelves, smudges in the layer of dust on a smoke detector, or clicking noises on the telephone.

What Information Does an Investigator Need to Get Started On a Job?

Although it is helpful for an investigator to know a person's name, occupation, and address when starting on a job, none of that information is absolutely necessary. P.I.s can actually track suspects down when all they know is just their first name alone, in some cases.

Can an Investigator Find Out If My Child Is Using Drugs?

Cheap drug testing kits are usually all that a parent needs to his out if his child is using drugs. For more detailed investigations, though, a P.I. can be called in to track the child's supplier and find out who else he involved in the drug dealing operation.

How to Find Out If Your Spouse Has Hidden Assets

If a person has any reason to suspect that his or her spouse is hiding assets, then the best way prevent those unlawful financial transfers is by contacting an attorney. As a private investigator, Roy recommends that anyone going through a split try to lock up as many assets to protect them from seizure or theft as quickly as possible.

Is Evidence Gathered By a Private Investigator Admissible In Court?

The evidence gathered by private investigators oftentimes never makes it to court, because most cheating spouses who see the videos and photos taken of themselves in compromising situations are more willing to settle without taking the matter in front of a judge.

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